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We temporarily suspended in-class, in-person training and coaching until further notice. Health and safety is our top priority for both our employees and customers.   

what is green web hosting
What Is Green Web Hosting?

Green web hosting is when the host servers of a web host company runs on renewable energy typically from solar or wind power in substitute for traditional power. This is done by purchasing renewable energy from qualified providers which supplies the web host company’s power grid with equivalent energy requirements.

Did you know that the average server produces the same emissions as a 15 mpg SUV?

If you are environmentally conscious, then green web hosting is for you. If you would like to do your little bit to save our planet, purchase green web hosting.
We recommend HostGator’s green web hosting services. They:
- Invest in Texas Wind Energy to help offset server emissions
- Are Climate Friendly, Wind Powered, Certified RECs
- Purchase certified Renewable Energy Credits (REC's)

HostGator’s green web hosting is less expensive than other web hosting companies which use traditional power. It is only $5–$10 a month, depending on how long you sign up for.

HostGator's green web hosting are now 130% wind powered!

That's right! 130%! They are not just neutralizing our environmental impact; they are trying to reverse it!

HostGator has purchased certified Renewable Energy Credits representing 130% of the electricity used to both power and cool their servers!

Just how big a dent does this make in our climate? It's the equivalent of:

1. Removing 444 cars from the road for a year, or
2. Powering 321 homes with clean energy for a year, or
3. Saving 5,654 barrels of oil, or
4. Protecting 551 acres of forest for a year

So please help save the planet. If you are going to buy hosting anyway, make sure it is green. For more information on HostGator's green web hosting, click on the link.
Save On Green Web Hosting 
Save $9.95 on any HostGator Web Hosting package, just use coupon code saveplanet.

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