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What Is A Domain Name, Domain Name Extensions, Website IP Address Explained
What Is A Domain Name In Simple Terms?

A domain name is a name you purchase to indentify a website. Please note a blog is just another type of website. Every website on the Internet must have a domain name. The reason is because every domain name has unique IP address which allows it to be retrieved to be displayed on a user’s browser on the Internet.

Domain Name And Website IP Address Explained

A website’s IP address works similar to a telephone number. It is typically a numeric number that looks like this A domain name is the alpha-numeric identification label assigned to an IP address of a website. Although a website can have an IP address, it can translate to a domain name Domain name is designed to make a website IP address meaningful and easy-to-remember. Wouldn’t you agree, that it is much easier to remember versus

Domain Name Extensions / Domain Name Suffix

 Every domain name has a suffix or extension that indicates which top level domain (TLD) it belongs to. For example, in the domain name the extension is .com (pronounced dot com). Here are the common ones:

com - Commercial business

net - Network organizations

org - Organizations (nonprofit)

info – Information website

biz – Business (was created because .com are running out)

gov - Government agencies         

edu - Educational institutions

mil - Military

ca - Canada

If you see a domain address that doesn't end in the first six listed above, it is likely a domain name assigned to another country. It typically means that the origin of the business is in another country, as per the seventh listed above, which represents the country Canada. Most countries’ registrar will only allow buyers from that country to purchase a domain name from their country. This is typically confirmed by the credit card billing address when the domain is being purchased.
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