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5 Ways to Build Relationship with Leads and Customers Online to Improve Sales

This article will cover 5 tips and ideas to improve your sales by building relationship with your customers and leads on your site. 
Keep In Touch With Your Site Visitors
Create an eNewsletter (electronic newsetter) that visitors can sign-up for on your site. In your eNewsletter provide helpful tips, advice and updates on your business. You can also write about the different ways your products and services can solve their problem or enhance their lives. Don’t forget to add a soft sell to a related product or service relating to the topic written in your eNewsletter.   If you keep your content in your eNewsletter helpful or interesting, then your subscribers will remain on your list and they will continue to look forward to hearing from you.
Offer Free Stuff Occasionally
Everyone likes to get things free. Write a report or short e-books that can help your business generate leads and sales and offer it for free. Send out coupons to stimulate sales. Run a special where you can include items for free to the sales offer. Freebies in an offer entice buyers to make a purchase.
Follow Through With Excellent Customer Service
When potential customers have a question, they want to be able to know there is someone to answer it. When using contact forms as a way for visitors to send their questions or inquiry, always reply back to your customers as soon as possible. Do not make them wait days to receive an answer. In fact, by standard you should reply back within an hour to 3 hours. A longer wait can in fact turn most potential customers off and pushes them to do business somewhere else. If you know in advance that you can not attend to your online inquiries, then indicate it on your web page or send a note through your email auto responder indicating so. The email can say, “Thank your for your inquiry, we will reply to you within 24 - 48 hours. This can provide a honest guideline to their expectations.
After completing a sale never think your customers are fully satisfied with their purchase. You should be constantly finding new ways to over-deliver and improve your product and service. Example, you could give a limited time coupon for their next purchase. 
In reference to complaining customers, you can refund their money, give them a discount, or give them a free gift. You should aim to solve the problem quickly. For example, you could say, "I understand how you must feel, so I'm giving you a complete refund." Another example would be, "I’ve been in your shoes before. I'm going to give you a 50% discount on your next purchase."
Solicit Their Opinion
Survey your customers or leads and take all their opinions and questions seriously. You can set up focus groups to improve your products and services. Gather feedback on products and services that you want to improve. Surveys can help you identify strengths and weaknesses almost anywhere in your business, but it also develops a relationship with your customers and leads because they feel you care about their opinion.
Create an Online Community on Your Site
Create your own online community. Add a community to your website like a forum or live chat that gives the customers a chance to talk to you and talk amongst themselves. This gives them a sense that you really do care about their opinions, and it serves as a meeting place. If your website becomes a common ground for people to talk, they will return often and see what new things you have to offer.
In closing, find time to try to develop stronger relationships with your site visitors, leads and current customers. If you apply one new suggestion at a time, you will eventually see improvements in your sales.

Article Provided To You By: Ecommerce Business Solutions.

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