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Blogging Course Sep 5 Oct 3
Twitter Course Sep 19 TBD
LinkedIn Course Sep 24 TBD
Facebook Course Sep 27 TBD
In-Class Times are usually 10:15 AM - 4:45 PM
*TBD = To Be Determined
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Twitter Training Course Details

Twitter Business Training

The Twitter Course is delivered with an overview and 4 key sections as follows:

Overview: Review how to leverage with LinkedIn for business

It starts with an overview of why businesses must be on Twitter because of the viral reach potential. This section also explains the type of audience uses Twitter and how it is different from LinkedIn and Facebook. It covers the strategy that must be applied to truly leverage Twitter for business.

Section 1: Covers all aspect of setting up the business’ Twitter profile page.

It covers the basics of setup but also includes strategies on cover themes so you can use it strategically for marketing. The training also reviews a tool that a marketer can use to create Twitter covers without having a Graphic Designer in-house. This provides the marketer faster turnaround for graphic creations for Twitter covers and images on Tweets.

Section 2: Covers how to develop a business audience on Twitter.

This section focuses on techniques on how to lead mine for a business’ target market by using search tactics to gain targeted followers and how to organize and maintain a lead list on Twitter.

Section 3: Covers how to attract leads & prospects on Twitter

It focuses on the objective of delivering strategic communication to attract leads and prospects on Twitter. It includes an overview of what type of communication works in social media and how to broadcast it.  Attendees will learn the basics and advanced techniques on how to use Tweets, Retweets, Mentions, and Hashtags to attract leads.

Section 4: Expands on Engagement on Twitter

This section covers how engagement works on Twitter and how to engage strategically.

Price: $235

Training Format:

- Lecture and demonstration of practical application
- Instructor Led Training

- Course notes
- Twitter user guide in PDF version
- 6 months email and phone support from the course instructor

Training Completion 

When you complete the Twitter Course, you will know:

✔ What Twitter and Tweeting are and why its important to every business that has an online presence

✔ How to create a professional looking Twitter business account that is unique to a business or company

✔ How to identify topics to Tweet about that will help reach your target market through Twitter

✔ How to find qualified leads for your business within Twitter

✔ Techniques on how to market the company's products and services on Twitter

✔ How to monitor conversation about a company’s brand, products and services on Twitter

✔ How to find and increase your followers on Twitter

✔ What type of marketing tactics work on Twitter

✔ How to organize Tweet conversations, so the important ones are accessible immediately

✔ What hashtags are, it's trends and which ones to use in your business

✔ Why Twitter can provide mobile marketing to your social media marketing campaign

✔ Efficiently use Twitter with key Twitter applications (we will reveal 4)

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