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Social Networking Courses

Social networks have change how consumers research and make buying decisions. Social networks can help you build trust, credibility and consumer confidence by getting people to engage and talk about your business.

We offer 3 social networking courses.  Each social networking courses are sold separately. Each course focuses on providing the business training to effectively and efficiently use the specified social network channel for marketing purposes.

Maximize the use of social networks to increase revenue potential for our business.  Learn to optimize the use of social networks to its full potential for business growth.  Each course eliminates the mystery and demystify the process.

The top social networks are; Facebook, the big giant that cannot be ignored, with over 700,000,000 members, Twitter the SMS of the web, and LinkedIn the largest business professional network with over 150,000,000 members. Because each social network is different, with its own system features, marketing techniques and strategies are also different.  

1st social networking courses

Social Networking Course:

First of our social networking courses, we cover the largest social network to-date, Facebook.

In the Facebook course, you learn the how-to steps to market businesses effectively on Facebook.

Facebook marketing techniques and strategies revealed.

social network courses - facebook

Social Networking Course:

Second of our social networking courses, we cover the largest business network to-date, LinkedIn.

In our LinkedIn course, you learn the how-to steps to market businesses effectively on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn marketing techniques and strategies revealed.

social network courses - linkedin

Social Networking Course:
For Twitter

Our 3rd instalment of social networking courses covers marketing on Twitter.

The Twitter social network has grown in alarming rate. With millions of "Tweets" a day, how does businesses manage?

Our Twitter course will help you learn how-to filter the communication, and use Twitter effectively for business.

social networking courses - twitter

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