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Prioritize With Your Business Goal In Mind For Successful Online Business
There are many things you can do in order to enhance your business and increase your profits.

To succeed online it is best to practice the art of 'prioritizing' when you are working or conducting your business. This can be done in a lot of ways and in a lot of different aspects, but the key is to decide on a goal and do only the tasks that support that goal. 
To make it easier create a goal for the day.  Each day of the week can be a different goal depending on how much you need to accomplish.
If your list of tasks is long, then you should prioritize your tasks in the order of importance.  For instance, if your goal for today is to increase visitor traffic to your site which task should be on the top of your list?
  1. Learn a new marketing strategy to increase traffic to your site.
  2. Hanging out on the Yahoo Forum to answer questions related to your business niche. 
  3. Write an article to promote your website, product or service.

The answer depends on you current situation.

Number 1 would be your best bet if you are just starting to market your site OR if your goal is to add another marketing tactic to your current list of successful marketing campaigns.

For most it would be number 3. Writing the an article and applying article marketing would get you more for your effort. With just one article you can post to as many article directories and social networks that you can find and willing to do.

Hanging out in forums can take longer because you need to search for your target market and also you need to reply individually to each posting you find. This does not mean it isn't worth posting comments in forums. The contrary, forums have high quality traffic because people in forums are in the mind frame of receiving help. But if your time is limited, article marketing can provide you more sources to get traffic from. 

Learning and educating yourself with new marketing strategy is important, but you must determine it's importance to your goal for the day and how it affects tasks that don't get done today.

This is just one example of how the need to prioritize and deciding where to focus your TIME better is important. You can also prioritize other things just as strategically. You can prioritize which projects you will work on first in order of importance to your goal.

So make sure you prioritize your business and marketing efforts with your goal and stay focused.

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