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We temporarily suspended in-class, in-person training and coaching until further notice. Health and safety is our top priority for both our employees and customers.   

E-commerce, Is It Right For Your Business?

This is an excellent question. You do not want to get into e-commerce just because it looks good. Like any business decision it needs to promise some real benefits before you invest.

There are people who will tell you that the Internet and e-commerce can do a lot of really excellent things for a business. The truth is; it really can. But does that mean that you should try it? There may be lots of flashy technology, bright colors and beautiful arts, and your competitors might be really into it. But unless you can get some real benefits out of e-commerce and willing to apply and invest in it; then why would you?

Before embarking on any e-commerce or Internet related project and service, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Will being online help by business generate more sales?
  • Will being online increase your current business exposure, get leads?
  • Will being online add additional value to current customers and possibly increase customer loyalty?
  • Will being online reduce some type of business expenditure?
  • Will being online help develop your business reputation, branding and enhance public relations.
You need to answer yes to one or more of the above questions before it is worth it? The real truth is Entrepreneurs and businesses will have longer commitments to their e-commerce strategies if they believe that they will receive one or more of the above benefits.

Every business can benefit from e-commerce in some way, but it does come with some costs. Just like a brick-and-motor business, you can’t just open shop and think it will succeed by itself. The same principles apply in doing business in the Internet. The only good news is outsourcing the development of your website and the regular maintenance cost is a lot less than the regular renting cost you would pay for most brick-and-motor shop or office space.

What about advertising? The same thing applies; you need to invest in advertising to succeed online as well. Marketing your business is an on-going cost.

In conclusion, before you pursue eCommerce for your business make sure that you believe in the benefits and be willing to invest in it.

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