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Web Content - What Information Should Your Website Contain?

Discover The Website Content That Makes Your Website Profitable Online.

A well thought out website content is often missed or undervalued during the process of developing your business website. Focus is often on the technical aspect or the graphic design of your site. Unfortunately, businesses that fail miserably online usually fail to see that the web runs on content, which coins the term “Content Is King”!

Part of developing your website for success online is to plan your website content strategically. A website that includes planned and thought out content within its web pages have a much higher chance of profiting. If your objectives for your website are to help increase your sales and generate leads for your business then there are three groups of contents we suggest your website should have to help you reach this goal:

  • Business information
  • Pre-sell content
  • Helpful information that generates sales and leads

'A Website That Includes Planned and Thought Out Content Within Its Web Pages Have A Much Higher Chance of Profiting'.

Business Information:

Business information focuses on the information that tells visitors to your site who you are, what your business is about, what you sell and how they can purchase your products and services. Here are the main ones:
  • Information about you (the owner), your company or both. This type of information will develop trust.
  • Detailed service and product information. This includes prices and features.
  • Contact information
  • Specific policies such as: return policy, guarantees and disclaimers.
  • Information on how your product or service is delivered or accomplished.
  • Information that help brand your business, product or service.

Pre-sell Content:

Pre-sell content is designed to convince visitors to your site to do business with you, even directly buy. Think of this information to be your virtual sales person on your website.

Pre-sell content can be presented as:

  • Written in a form of an article or sales page. You can also make this same message in audio form and add it to the same web page for convenience.
  • Image presentation such as photo gallery or slideshow to display a work portfolio or product showcase.
  • Video in a form of a presentation or demonstration. 

 Here are suggested pre-sell content:

  • Define the benefits your customer can experience if they purchase your products or services.
    What benefits does your product or service features provide? Does it save them time? Is it more affordable then your competitors’ products and services?
  • Think of problems or challenges your potential customer experiences and how your products and services can solve it and create website content for it.
  • Compare your products and services to your competitor and define what makes you better or different.

 Spend some time to strategically plan to create pre-sell web pages on your site. The effort helps increase activity in your site and help convert visitors to sales or leads.

Helpful Information:

Helpful information is value added information or educational information that can help visitors understand what your products or services is all about and how it can help them. Helpful information usually answers the what, where, when and how.

Here are some suggestions of helpful information that you can provide to generate sales and leads:
  • Describe how to choose a product or service
  • Advanced ways of using a product
  • Advanced techniques that your product or service provides that they can not do themselves.
  • Technical information about a product and service
  • Common questions and answers related to a product or service. Can be presented as a FAQ web page.
  • Product and service reviews with emphasis on the benefits of each comparison.
  • Product and service detailed tutorial loaded with valuable "How to" or "Instructional" tips and advice.
  • An interesting interview with someone (make it exclusive and original). People love to read about other people's experiences and or opinions and views. Can be provided in audio form on your web site.

Creating your website content is a challenge, but there is absolutely no substitute for it.

If you want to attract and retain visitors to your web page, it is worth the effort to create strategic and interesting information that help generate sales and leads.

When the information is categorized as helpful and relevant by your visitor, then you may even get them interested enough to visit your site over and over again.

For ecommerce store sites, web content writing lays heavily on the description of your products. So it does not matter if your website offers information or product selections, creating website content applies.

Web Content Services:

We offer the following services to help you get your website content:

  • Copywriting & Content Writing Services
  • Proofreading & Copy Editing Services
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

For more details on these content writing services

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