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Our Fight Against Covid-19

We temporarily suspended in-class, in-person training and coaching until further notice. Health and safety is our top priority for both our employees and customers.   

Is Hiring a Professional To Build Your Website Right For You? 

Is it very important to you that you utilize most of your time to run your business and develop your business to the level you want? Most business owners (if not all) will say, “Yes”. Unless you are a website designer or web developer by profession, you should really focus your effort in running and growing your business. Therefore, paying a professional to build your website is worth the investment to your business, just like hiring an accountant or a lawyer.

Website design and development done right is complex and requires a number of different skill sets and experiences. Some of these skills include:

  • Understanding and being HTML savvy.
  • Graphic design, color experience and good artistic eye for color coordination and appeal.
  • Website navigation design and implementation.
  • Knowledgeable of JavaScript and Flash programming.
  • Website content strategist
  • Understanding of Internet Marketing Principles Such As; SEO, Social Network Marketing, Blogging and etc...
  • Ability to determine key Internet business requirements

If your role is to focus your effort in running your business, eCommerce Business Solutions recommends:

  • Outsourcing initial website design and development,
  • Ensuring you have the ability to bring site maintenance back in-house to help you reduce website maintenance costs if you choose
  • Outsource website maintenance when time is a constraint in your schedule
  • And finally, outsource complex website enhancements.

All our website solutions include the installment of a content management system. This technology ensures that you have the ability to take control of your site so you can bring your site maintenance back in-house if you choose.

Go here to read more about a content management system and how it can benefit you.

Check-out our list of website solution.

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