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Social Media Courses
In-Class Schedule

Click on link to see course details MAR
LinkedIn Course Mar 5 Apr 2
Blogging Course Mar 12 Apr 8
Facebook Course Mar 19 Apr 16
Twitter Course Mar 26 Apr 22
In-Class Times are usually 10:30 AM - 4:30 PM
*TBD = To Be Determined

There are no classes or private bookings available for January and February 2020.

To ensure you are viewing the most updated schedule, press F5 to refresh your browser.

Special Announcement

There are no classes or private bookings (in-person or on-site) available for January and February 2020.

Special Note 1: You may send us a request via our contact form for dates starting in March 2020 for:
private in-person course booking, on-site training for groups, consulting and coaching services.  

Special Note 2: Courses for March and April 2020 are scheduled, refer to course calendar.

Social Media Courses 
Evening Classes Available


Can't make it to the scheduled day classes? You can now take them in the evening or start in the late afternoon.

You receive the same course curriculum as the day classes.

Any of the 4 social media courses are available to take as evening training.

Each course is provided in 2 evening sessions for 3 hours each or 3 evenings for 2 hours each.

We are flexible and try to accomodate you on the dates and start time.

Call us at 647-724-6889 for details.

Social Media Courses 
Online Classes Available


Can't make it to Toronto for our class? Or do you want to remain at your location and save time in commuting into the city? The online classes are your perfect training solution.

The online class sessions provide the exact same course curriculum as the in-class day courses.

You do not need any special equipment, and we do not use a webcam. You only need a web browser and internet access on your computer.

The online class is delivered live by a course instructor. It also remains engaging because you can ask questions during class.  

Any of the 4 social media courses is available in this training format.

We deliver online classes in 2-hour sessions on 3 different dates convenient to your schedule. Recommended times are morning session runs from 10AM - Noon EST, afternoon session runs from 2PM - 4PM EST and evening session runs from 7PM - 9PM EST, but we are flexible.

Book Your Online Training Class Today!
Call us to book at 647-724-6889.

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