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Choosing a Domain Name For Your Blog

This article assumes you know what a domain name is. If not, I recommend reading our article on “What Is A Domain Name?” here.

When choosing a blog domain name, it is best to consider the goals and objectives of your blog. Think of your long term vision for your blog and consider the following:

- Choose a blog domain name by the blog’s main subject
- Choose a blog domain name that brands your business
- Choose a blog domain name that brands a person

Choose a blog domain name by the blog’s main subject

A blog domain name should typically provide an idea on what the blog main subject is all about. For example, if a blog contains your personal review of laptops, you can choose a name like:

The benefit of choosing a blog domain name by your blog’s main subject is that it aims at attracting a specified intended audience. It also helps search engines and readers quickly understand what the blog main topic is about. 

Choose a blog domain name that brands your business

 Now a day’s company and businesses are developing blogs to create their own online news about what is going on in their business, keep readers updated on new products and services, and encourage participation by asking their followers their opinion about business related topics.

If you want to brand your business online, then adding your business name within the blog domain name is essential. There are two ways to do these.

One option is to purchase a standalone blog domain name. For example, if the company name is Trellian, a domain name such as is very appropriate. Let’s say the Trellian company develops software, hence a domain name such as is even more specific.

The second option is to add a sub-domain to your current business domain name. Using as an example business domain, creating a sub-domain is another option.


Choosing a blog domain name that brands a person’s name


If your objective is to brand yourself as an expert in your field then having your full name within your blog domain name is essential.

It also works well if a person’s profession or business is tied into knowing their name. Good examples of these are real estate agents and insurance brokers. It is very appropriate to have a blog called for his blog that will contain tips on how to buy a first home.

In closing, take your time to really select a good domain name for your blog. Choosing a name for your blog is like choosing a name for a child, you have to choose carefully because it could stick around for a long time.  And finally, here is a check list of questions that you can ask yourself about your blog domain name:

How original and unique is it? 
How descriptive is it? 
What image does it convey? 
Would you remember it after seeing it once? 
Could you spell it after hearing it once?

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