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Blog Class, Blog Classes In Toronto
blog class
Blog Class In Toronto

Blog Class

Marketing with Blogging - The Core of All Social Media Marketing Campaign

In the Blog class, you learn how-to use blogs effectively for business. Did you know that 77% of Internet users follow one or more blogs? If you're not capitalizing on this growing community, the business you represent is missing out on a huge online market.

Blogs can attract consumers and leads and should be incorporated into all social media marketing campaign. Further, when used correctly, blogs are an effective communication tool and public relation medium for any organization.

Intro Video: Social Media Marketing With Blogs

In this blog class, training is focused on using blogs to:
  • Increase followers from social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
    To get followers, fans and connections, you need to let them have a reason to keep connected. You will be shown how to develop blog content that can influence them to keep connected in social networks.
  • Develop a highly qualified lead base
    Learn how a blog can provide any business qualified leads.
  • Strengthen your relationship with current customers
    How blog communication can get you return business from current customers for additional sales.
  • Position your business in the industry and build your reputation
    Building a company's reputation to gain trust is essential when marketing online. Learn how to use a blog to let people know what the business can offer them and how they can spread the word around.

We eliminate the mystery and demystify the process.

Blog Course Outline: 
blogging for business
Blogging For Business
Intro to Blogging and Blog Networks:
  • Blogging explained
  • Blog networks explained and how it differs to self-hosted blogs
  • Blog marketing explained

Blog Content Strategies:

  • Strategies and techniques on blogging and blog marketing
  • How to indentify your target audience for your blog, to gain interested consumers
  • Review of different types of content that makes your blog marketing effective
  • Techniques on how and where to find additional content for your blog and how to use it effectively
  • How to develop blog content that is not written by you, but can still promote your business
Developing a Blog on Wordpress:
  • Steps to open an account on Wordpress
  • Step by step instructions on how to use Wordpress
  • Review of key Wordpress functionalities for blogging; posts, pages, settings, widgets, plugins
  • When and how to use YouTube with our blog
  • How to syndicate your blog content with social bookmarking networks
  • When to consider developing our own hosted blog and what technology and services to consider
Blogging for Social Network Leads:
  • How to integrate blogs with marketing efforts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • How and what to blog to generate leads from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter


- Course notes
- User Guide
- 6 months email and phone support from course instructor

Cost: $235

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Who Takes This Course

At The End Of The Blog Class You Will Know:
  • What a blog and blogging is and why it is important to every business that has an online presence
  • How to identify and blog about topics that can help reach your target market online
  • Where to find content source for your blog so you never run out
  • How blogs can help brand recognition
  • Social media marketing strategies for blogs
  • How to strategically plan and develop your blog content to effectively market on Social Networks: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • How to use other authors' articles and blog posts without breaking copyright laws
  • How to create your own blog and how you can get started easily
  • What blog networks are and why they are important
  • How to use step-by-step
  • What is social bookmarking, how it helps syndicate your content and why you should use it
  • How important is it to host your own blog: the advantages and disadvantages
  • What RSS feeds are and how it is important
  • How to apply SEO techniques to your blog posts
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